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It all began with a simple job that didn't add up. They claimed to be the Knight's Watch but were operating in Griswulf. The Guilded Council got involved and things got complicated. Then the crazy old man showed up. It was a simple escort mission. A long journey to Uzarel, where the seat of the emperor once stood. The Imperial castle had been torn down. In it's place was Victory Park. Deep in the park, ancient enchantments were falling apart without the emperor to maintain them.

Then there was a door. Beyond it, a box. An seemingly ordinary wooden box that actually held the heart of an ancient dragon. When the box opened, the old man revealed that he wasn't so crazy after all. He was in fact the elemental dragon of Darkness. Now, an incredibly powerful new yet, ancient enemy has revealed itself. A being that can wield time itself. 

What does it want? Can it be stopped? What of the Dragons?

The Box Says: Knock Thrice

Maybe the box should have stayed closed.

Home Page

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