Short-tempered swordsman

+4 Fight
+3 Physique Will
+2 Provoke Notice Empathy
+1 Shoot Contacts Decieve Lore
Quiet and Strong
Short Tempered
Blade’s Edge
Self-taught Swordsman

Draw and Slash. May use fight to perform one attack at +2, when it’s the first attack of the battle.
Reposte. If you succeed with style on a Fight defense, you can choose to inflict a 2-shift hit rather than take a boost.
Demoralizing Stance. As a trained fighter, you are able to adopt a stance that makes it unequivocally clear how capable you are of handing someone his ass. Whenever displaying your fighting stance or threatening someone with violence, you may roll Fight instead of Provoke to scare them.
Death Defiance. If you are taken out in a physical conflict, you may spend a fate point to concede instead. After you have collected fate points for conceding, you must spend a further amount of half of your fate points, rounded down. Coincidence conspires to keep you alive, and you pass from the view of the other combatants (such as by dropping off a cliff, apparently failing to escape from an exploding building, or the like). You may re-enter play in any subsequent scene in as dramatic a fashion as you see fit, explaining to everyone how you survived. You return with all of your physical stress cleared and a single additional consequence incurred to reflect the dangers you defied.
Way of the Reaper. When you take a consequence, you deal 2 extra stress on your next attack.



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